2019-04-24 Mindset Reset Hour w/ Dr Nima


00:21:56	Murray Beaulieu:	Brenn Brown? Is that the correct spelling?
00:22:05	Trevor Turnbull (Linked Into Leads):	Brene Brown
00:22:34	Kim:	I've been reading her books.  Just finished #3 Rising Strong. 
00:22:48	Moniera Khan (Linked Into Leads):	start w Braving the Wildnerness Murray  - that's my favourite book of hers
00:23:00	Martin Fretwell:	I'm so happy that you had an amazing time networking!  
00:23:04	Kim:	I love Dare to Lead
00:43:09	Moniera Khan (Linked Into Leads):	Cool Churchill quote says "Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision."
00:58:45	Moniera Khan (Linked Into Leads):	have to run guys - have a call at 11.  
01:03:45	Terry Coker:	It’s Head Trash”
01:04:34	Kim:	I have to hop off everyone.  Wishing you all a great day.  Catch up with you on tomorrow's call.